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Short story published on Crepe and Penn

My first short story acceptance after MANY attempts!

When I first started seriously writing, round about the beginning of 2018, I wrote many short stories. I tried to get them published but that didn't quite work out. I used to write little stories and essays that were inspired by songs I liked. I still do it sometimes but not too often. I've developed a taste for long stories haha. I really admire authors who can tell a whole story in a few thousand words. Perhaps I shall develop that skill along the way.

But I did get this short story, essay might be a better word, published in Crepe and Penn magazine. I was writing under the name Kaila Woelk. I was so excited when this happened! I sent the links to ALL my friends and family. They're a great magazine, with some really incredible authors and everyone should check them out.

Link to my story :)


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