My upcoming fantasy series Bonds Of Blood and Magic

Scarsdale Publishing and I are bringing the magic!

I received the contract offer from Scarsdale to turn the manuscript I'd submitted into a series a week before my twenty ninth birthday and this was an incredible birthday present. Great news to get before 2020 really spiraled into hellfire. I am SO excited to introduce the world to Zia and Rihan and I hope that everyone will enjoy them as much as I do. An adult, fantasy series with a strong central romance, Bonds of Blood and Magic is a story of struggle, revolution and the pursuit of a life you find valuable.

In Elria, seven powerful Houses have controlled magic for centuries. The Houses enslave individuals known as Idans, Binding them and granting them access to magic.

Zia’s life has revolved around one goal, becoming the Supreme Idan of House Lylea, the House she was Bound to as an infant. She achieved this goal and serves Lylea diligently, doing the best she can with the cards she was dealt.

She never considers a life outside of her duties, until she meets Rihan, the Supreme of House Cubus. Forced to spend time together, they realize there’s a strong connection between them. A connection Zia refuses to explore for risk of angering her Master and losing access to magic.

Everything changes when she overhears her Master discussing her future children and realizes she can no longer accept the life she has. To gain their freedom, both Zia and Rihan will have to deceive their Masters and uncover the secret to the Houses control over magic.

But their Masters have plans of their own, plans that include Zia and Rihan, and gaining freedom won’t be a simple task.