Attention Zimbabwean Writers!

I'd like to do my part to help out Zimbabwean writers and help them get to the point where I am now and even further. I'd like to offer free critiques to Zimbabweans, particularly those living in Zimbabwe. Ideally I would offer this to all Africans everywhere but I simply don't have the time. Unfortunately, I still have to pay my rent and buy food. I work online and, though I make my own hours, a certain amount of my time has to go to that. Pray for me and my agent to sell my manuscript for an unreasonable amount of money so I can have more free time!

So, the way this works is you (yes, YOU) send me the first 10 pages of your book and I'll give you advice, show you where you can improve your writing and be a mini-editor (I say mini because I'm not actually an editor). Please don't be upset if it comes off as harsh, just imagine me saying it with a smile.

Email your pages as .doc or .docx attachment to I cannot say how long it'll take but I'll do it on a first come first serve and as quickly as I can.

I look forward to reading all your great stuff!